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We are closed Monday November 11th and November 12 for maintenance.

We started our group on Bainbridge Island to get closer to the food, and in doing so it changed the way we look at meat and produce as a whole. Being surrounded by local & organic produce and happily pasturing animals inspired a code of ethics for our restaurants that we won’t compromise:

Our meats are always raised on pasture, never finished in a confined feedlot operation, and never fed hormones nor antibiotics. Our poultry and eggs are never caged, and are often certified organic.

Our produce is always from the closest source of the highest quality possible. Not all the farms we work with choose to attain organic certifications, for reasons that range from philosophical to political, but we know our famers personally and guarantee you a meal free of pesticides and GMOs.

We cure and/or smoke all of our charcuteries in-house using local fruitwoods. All of our preserves, condiments, pickles, kraut & other fermentations are prepared in-house the old-fashioned way.

Our coffee, beers and wines are imported, brewed, roasted or fermented by our friends; people who know their craft and are as passionate about food as we are.